Psychological Impact of Hair Loss

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There are many emotional components to losing one’s hair. It is often more than a physical hair loss; many patients feel a loss of confidence too.


The loss of control is another factor that impacts men who are experiencing hair loss; feeling helpless in the face of inevitability is distressing to many.


Living with hair loss can be quite difficult in a culture that views hair as a sign of youth and good health; particularly if you start losing hair at a young age due to male pattern baldness.


Alopecia also leads to depression, anxiety and social phobia in a number of sufferers. This relationship between alopecia and psychosocial consequences can be complicated, in that alopecia can result from a stressful experience, and then itself lead to further distress. Limited research has been carried out in the area.


Read below some of the most common spychological factors caused by Alopecia or hair loss.



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