Hairline Lowering Surgery

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Many women suffer from having a very high hairline, resulting in an excessively high forehead which can affect the balance of the facial features.
There are many possible reasons for having a high hairline in the first place; it could simply be down to genetic make-up, it could be the result of hair loss, or it could simply be caused by previous cosmetic surgery such as a brow lift.
Whatever the reason, hairline lowering surgery is a highly effective procedure which can greatly enhance the forehead feature of the face, simply by transplanting your hair lower down the forehead.

What are the benefits of hairline lowering surgery?

By undergoing hairline lowering surgery, and thereby reducing the size and dominance of the forehead, the proportions of the face and hairline are re-balanced, bringing them perfectly into proportion with each other.
The result is that not only can this completely transform a woman’s physical appearance, it can also help to restore lost self-esteem and re-build self-confidence, thereby enhancing every aspect of the patient’s daily life.

What does hairline lowering surgery involve?

Hairline lowering surgery is a procedure which involves the transplantation of hair follicles from the donor area at the back of your scalp (for the simple reason that this is an area of dense hair growth), to the new recipient area where previously no follicles – and therefore, no hair growth – had existed.
The result of hairline lowering surgery therefore is that your old hairline is simply replaced with a new one which is created lower down the forehead.

How effective is hair lowering surgery?

Here at Therapie Hair Restoration Clinic Dublin, we are fortunate to have one of the leading hair transplant surgeons in the world in Dr Andre Nel.
As a result of his incredible expertise, hairline lowering surgery is almost immediately effective for the patient, with full and final results evident within approximately just 6 weeks of the completion of surgery.

Is hair lowering surgery painful?

As with any surgical procedure, patients will experience some level of discomfort for a period of 3-5 days following their hair lowering surgery.
However, owing to the expertise of our dedicated team, the discomfort felt is very often quite moderate and patients whose work is office based or does not involve heavy lifting or exercise, can often return to work within 24-48 hours.

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