Hair Transplant Combination Technique

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In certain cases it may be the best option to combine the FUT and FUE harvesting techniques. The combination of the two techniques enables the surgical team to maximise the follicle unit extraction and thus achieve the optimal yield whilst preserving the Safe Donor Area for future usage.

Combining FUT and FUE is beneficial in the following types of cases:

1) In patients with limited donor supplies and large recipient areas where the maximum number of grafts need to be harvested in order to achieve the best possible aesthetic result without overly depleting the donor area.

2) Patients with good donor areas where the plan is to perform a mega or giga session in one hair transplant surgery, e.g. transplanting 5000 or more follicle units in one session. By doing a FUT Strip harvest, large amount of grafts can be harvested but the surgical team can remain within safe parameters as far as the width of the strip, because the balance of the grafts required can be harvested via FUE technique. For example, 2500 grafts via FUT strip harvest and 2500 via FUE harvest for 5000 grafts in total. A large amount of grafts but a reasonable balance via each technique.

3) In patients where we simply want to harvest the planned number of grafts, eg 2500 grafts, but we don’t want to be constrained by a FUT strip regarding number of grafts and we want to take a thin strip with zero wound tension. We can then be conservative with the strip width and length and if the strip delivers only 1800 grafts, we harvest the balance of 700 grafts via FUE technique. This way, the surgical team has optimized the donor supply using both techniques and did not risk a wide strip with high donor tension which may give a wide scar and the surgical team could spread the 700 FUE grafts evenly over the Safe Donor Area with minimal scarring. A very balanced and good approach which Dr. Nel strongly recommends.

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