Eyelash Transplant Surgery

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What is the purpose of eyelashes?

Eyelashes actually have a dual function, one being anatomical functionality, the other purely aesthetic appearance.

Anatomical function
The anatomical function of eyelashes is to protect the eyes against dirt and dust. Like sensors, they are extremely sensitive so that, once touched in even the faintest manner, they trigger the eyes to close reflexively and involuntarily.

Aesthetic function
In terms of their aesthetic function, eyelashes help to frame the eyes and, together with all of our other facial features, contribute to the formation of our overall physical facial appearance.

Because of this, a person with no eyelashes will look different because a natural facial feature is missing. This can cause the individual to feel self-conscious and it may also affect their
self-esteem and confidence.

Why undergo eyelash transplant surgery?

There are lots of different reasons why women may choose to have an eyelash transplant:

  • Facial injury resulting from a car crash, burns or industrial accidents
  • Traction alopecia resulting from regular use of false eyelashes
  • Medical treatment involving radiotherapy or chemotherapy, resulting in hair loss
  • Surgical treatment – tumour or injury resulting in removal of eyelash follicles and tissue scarring
  • Compulsive plucking of eyelashes, (as well as other body hair such as scalp hair and eyebrows)
  • Permanent accidental damage – this could be the result of tearing away eyelashes in the process of removing false eyelashes
  • Cosmetic – some women simply may not be happy with their eyelashes in the context of their appearance and may want fuller eyelashes that will enhance their looks


What does eyelash transplant surgery actually involve?

With eyelash transplant surgery, a strip of hair is removed from the scalp, under local anaesthetic. This scalp strip tissue is then separated into single hair follicular grafts.

These grafts are then transplanted one by one, with a normal upper eyelid containing approximately 100 lashes, and the lower eyelid containing approximately 60 lashes. Only upper eyelid lashes are transplanted.

More than one session may be required in order to get optimal or the desired result. Contact Therapie Hair Restoration.


Will my new transplanted eyelashes continue to grow?

Transplanted eyelashes are harvested from the hair from your head so they will grow just in the same way as the hair on your head will!

Your new eyelashes will require regular trimming, to keep them the right length, beautiful and healthy. In addition though, they will also need to be curled to ensure that they blend perfectly with any existing natural lashes.

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