Causes of Female Hair Loss

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Female hair loss is often more complicated than male hair loss, as there are many triggers that can result in women losing their hair. Systemic medical conditions such as Lupus, or mineral/vitamin deficiencies can also result in hair loss, not to be confused with genetic hair loss such as Male Pattern Balding.


Androgenetic Alopecia


When men have androgenetic alopecia it’s referred to as male pattern baldness. In men, the donor site is called the Safe Donor Area (SDA). This means that the hair and follicles in those areas are not affected by dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which causes miniaturization of hair follicles in areas which are affected by DHT.


In women with androgenetic alopecia, or female pattern hair loss (FPHL), these donor areas tend to be less dense and smaller than in males. This means that when hair restoration surgery is planned in women, less hair follicles can be harvested from the SDA.


See below some of the most common factors that contribute to female hair loss.



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