Alan Hughes has renewed confidence following hair transplant at THR

by admin
January 22, 2016

Popular TV3 presenter, Alan Hughes, has undertaken a pioneering hair restoration treatment here at Thérapie Hair Restoration (THR), Ireland’s leading hair restoration clinic. Alan received the innovative ‘Combination Technique’ treatment from Thérapie Hair Restoration in 2015. This treatment combines both FUT* and FUE* techniques, enabling the surgical team to maximise results for Alan with minimal scarring.

Why did Alan choose Hair Restoration?

Working in TV3’s new HD studio made the presenter more conscious of his on screen appearance. “When we moved into the new studio, everything becomes magnified and so much clearer,” he told the Herald. “I was beginning to feel that my hair was thinning”, says Alan. “Being in the media spotlight it’s my job to appear confident and comfortable. So I decided to take positive action and address my hair concerns.”
Alan’s situation is extremely common, particularly among men over the age of 35. In Ireland, an overwhelming majority of 70% of men will experience hair loss over their lifetime.

Trust the Experts

Thérapie Hair Restoration’s expert surgeon, Dr. Andre Nel, has found the Combination Treatment to be a very effective approach in addressing this issue among men. This technique allows the experts at THR to extract the maximum amount of healthy follicles to transfer to areas that need a large amount of healthy follicles. This technique is not only efficient but produces the maximum results for successful hair re-growth.

Alan’s Journey

“I was excited to hear Thérapie Hair Restoration had a solution to my hair loss problem” says Alan. “Dr Nel and the team explained everything in detail during my consultation and then on the procedure day itself I found the entire process to be practically painless. The aftercare at Thérapie Hair Restoration is great and the team are available for as many post-treatment consultations I need.”
“I had hair follicles removed from the back of my head and put into the front of my head,” he said. They individually take those hairs out and then the doctor replants them – it took about nine hours.”

The Results

“My hair is thicker and healthier than it has been in ages and I am so happy with the results. It can take about 10 months to see a difference, but I’m really happy with it now and people are telling me I look different. I notice it on-air and it feels different”, Alan told the Independent.
“It really does improve your confidence! Before, I was worried about camera angles and people seeing my receding hairline,” he added. “I’ve received so many great compliments on my new hair and I highly recommend the treatment to anyone experiencing hair loss.”
For more information, contact our team at Therapie Hair Restoration on 1890 202 203 or fill in the blue contact form above right. If you think you are balding, why not avail of our great online diagnosis tool which will help you to find out a little more about what stage your alopecia (hair loss) is at, in advance of meeting with our team? Use the online diagnostic tool to estimate of graft count needed to restore the balding areas.

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